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i am sitting in fashion blogging class and loving it!

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As summer days slowly fade away, fashionistas everywhere are keeping an eye open for the upcoming season’s hottest trends. Fall and winter should be considered essential times where individuals get to wear their new leather booties and glamourous prada trench coats, during this time there are no exceptions for dressing up. The clothes one wears to parties and dinners, suddenly become day-to-day outfits, even if it means a trip to the grocery store. Based on the recent Fall 2009-10 Fashion shows there were many similar trends that captivated my attention, I know find myself urging for fall season to arrive. The following are trends that will surely enlighten anyones wardrobe.

1. Goodbye Winter fur coats, hello Danny Zuko-inspired Leather. That’s right leather was a big hit on the fall runway shows being that its sense of versatility can complete an outfit, as seen on Balmain Fall 2009 Collection.


2. Jackie O. Inspired-Silhouettes. During these difficult times we all have to keep up with our sense of femininity and look good even if we are just taking a trip to the mall.

Elie Saab

3. Oversized Blazers will probably be a clothing item that will never fade! Wether a lawyer, musician, or journalist, one can never go wrong with a classic Blazer. Blazers were seen in runways such as Louis Vuitton, and Dries Van Noten! Get one in various colors to match everyday outfits. However consider the fact that a black Blazers are the most Valuable kind of blazers, you can never go wrong with one!

Dries Van Noisen

4. Variation of colors; Altough in recession Designers took a chance and used bright colors neglecting the Neutral colors. Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2009 collection was very innovative, her designs features young and hip clothes with an elegant twist, what makes the collection stand out? The colors, which at this time is essential because we dont want to have to be dealing with economical issues while dressed up in black, that would seem depressing! Also Balenciaga Fall 2009 had a twist of colors that made the collection stand out! absolutely Amazing.

Alberta Ferretti

Hope My Fashion Trend List Helps all of the Fashionistas out there. This season one should stand out in between a crowd of people put down the hoodies and UGGS and try on some leather booties with an oversized Blazer. Play around with the wardrobe, make lists of what oufits look good with each other! And start shopping for Fall Items now because trust me if you wait until October a Trench coat may leave you bankrupt! Anyway enjoy the last days Summer has upon us!!!

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Funny Bunny   Leave a comment

Well, lets see where to start, about the one and only true funny bunny. I’ll give u a hint.. she does cartwheels on her runway? If you guessed the wild Betsy Johnson, you guessed right. Betsy Johnson is known for her crazy wild and flirtatious dresses and cute but still elegant silhouettes. She adds youth and elegance to a knee high or higher dress.. and make it works. She is young at heart, and it shows in her designs. Ina collection she celebrated the 50th anniversary of Barbie, showing off a lot of pink, Betsy puts her own twist on designs.

Betsy Johnson started her love of costumes by having the drive for dance since she was a little girl. To me at first site she looks “kookoo for cocoa puffs.” I’m not kidding, every single time I see her whether it’s in a magazine, or on TV or anywhere.. she looks like she is out of her mind. But, hey who can blame her that makes her Betsy Johnson… and I know she’ll never change that.

In my first post I posted whether the 80’s are coming back in fall 09… well the answer is YES. Betsy’s collection for fall/winter includes of bold shoulders, and garments that are showing off the shoulder.Shoulders are so in, you have to say. Betsy will be a crazy wild thing, but she lives on to being the most quirky,fun, cute and amazing woman to me that I would love to meet..some day.betsy johnson 1

The things I love about all her designs is the uniqueness that she puts into each individual garment and the color palette that she chooses for every collection. The color palette has so much to do, with what Betsy Johnson wants in for the specific season. Whether its pink, blue, black, white etc she makes it work and lovable for every customer that walks into any store.

When you walk in one of her stores,specifically here in San Francisco. She has two locations one on Geary and one on Filmore St. Whenever walking down the block or just passing by, her windows always catch my eye.. with of course the colors. The minute I walk into the store, with pink walls and racks full of clothing, you feel like you in another world like that sophisticated girl. Betsy has expanded her company so much to sunglasses, lingerie, purses, scarves, perfumes, apparel etc. She has done it all, from anything to everything. Ms. Funny Bunny herself,  makes fashion fun, not dull. Whatever she comes up with, it will be shocking and flirty, but never boring.

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Sleek Silhouettes for Fall: By Gina Hernandez   Leave a comment

Simple, Classic Silhouettes For a Return to American Prosperity

How a simpler lifestyle is reflected in the clothes women are wear.

By: Gina Hernandez

Take notice. Simpler silhouettes are in. According to the most innovative fashion website, Vogue.com, modest necklines with a classic cinched waist are making a come back.

The Top Ten Best Dressed women for the week of June 29, 2009 are all sporting effortlessly timeless dresses with powerfully reserved necklines. This breakout style worn by the likes of fashion icons such as Michelle Obama, Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz is the up and coming item for Fall 2009. As shoppers’ wallets grow tighter with the increasing recession, the purchasing of a modest dress is an ageless investment. In the current economic slump, many women are turning away from the heaping racks of clothes with the latest trend to in favor of more eternally modern attire such as the tailored high neck dress perfect for a brunch, wedding, or day at the office. This change can be attributed to the customers need to be convinced of the durability of the few purchases she will be making.

The dress, after all, is the most traditional form of the female wardrobe. In addition, the high neckline and fitted dress is not just a passing trend but an item here to stay. The elevated neck was as much relevant during Jackie O’s era, late sixties, as it is today as a shift to a more orthodox style during the tumultuous 60’s, where LSD and hippies ran as rapid as Nixon scandals in the Oval Office, may signify a need for greater social security in a roller-coaster economy. The modern collarbone peeping from a boat-neck or scoop-neck dress with simple design expresses not only the temperament of the person who wears them, but also the socioeconomic circumstance in which they live, as referenced in a Newsweek article by Sameer Reddy entitled “Getting Dressed”.

A return of traditional dressing without distracting hemlines or embellishment signifies the shift of consumers buying simpler, timeless pieces that will outlast the slowing of the economy. As buyers simplify their lifestyles, many too are simplifying their wardrobes. Dive on in and get noticed not for your tight wallet but timeless style.

For more Fashion News check out my blog The Common Thread.

The Boat Neck Dress

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Quick Q&A with Photographer Dirk Mai   Leave a comment

Z4bkZXMBmpym24x5Gb99jijAo1_400 Age?

What’s you background?
-nationality? Dutch.

Where are you from?
-Caro, Michigan.

What got you to first pick up a camera?
-It’s in the family. It’s always been something I’ve been passionate about.

Describe your style:
-raw and dirty. Lots of natural stuff. Real moments. I’m all about the real…

What is boxeight exactly?
-an artist collective/event production house/photo studio/arts organization

What are your latest projects?
-at the moment I’m on tour with The Maine photographing them for a book they are publishing with their next album.


What advice would you give to beginning photographers?
-saturate your life in the field you are wanting to go into. Shoot everyday and surround yourself with things that inspire you. Just get yourself out there and make it happen.

What’s the best part of your job?
-EVERYTHING. I live in a dream world. I do what I love and get paid for it. I couldn’t be happier.

Who do you dream to work with?
-Macaulay Culkin and Marilyn Manson.

How do you incorporate fashion into your work?
-most of the work I shoot is fashion oriented. I work with lots of LA based designers on a regular basis.

Tell me about what inspires you:
-real things. Real life. Real people. Real moments that make me feel. Nothing in particular.

Who is your muse?
-I go thru phases… I’ve had my share. Haha

Do you like to capture how things are or to find the beauty?
-they go hand in hand. I’m all about capturing a real moment and then finding the beauty in it and vice versa, finding beautiful things in real moments.

What is a typical Monday for you?
– Same as any other day of the week. I’m on my own schedule always and I love it 🙂

What was your big break?
-I’m still working on it. I want more, always. It’s what drives me.

What don’t most people know about you?
-I’m super shy and stay to myself most of the time.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
-exactly what I’m doing now on a much bigger level.

Which public figure has the best fashion sense in your eyes?
-Brian Lichtenberg haha does that count? He’s a designer… He’s the best dressed always.

What are you listening to right now?

Any summer plans?
– On tour with The Maine all summer taking pictures and having the time of my life.


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Platforms, Hot or Not? by Margaret   Leave a comment

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes, not just a trend from the 70’s while disco was popular, but a hot new trend when part of a super high heel. As heels are getting higher, platforms start appearing. They aren’t your mother’s dance shoes any more. No matter the shape or thickness of the heel, platforms are showing up to the party. In a world where flats were the hottest thing a few seasons back, now the ultra high; extremely classy; highest of the high heels is back.

These new types of platform shoes are appearing in a wide variety of styles. They’re appearing in super high stilettos and in the thickest chunky heels alike. In the trend of ultra high heels, hidden platforms make the heels look higher without all the pain of a ten inch shoe. These platforms are a way to make mile high shoes more comfortable and are popping up all over the place.

With this hot trend of high heels with platforms, it doesn’t matter what kind of high heel it is. Square, pointed, or round toe, ankle boots or above the knee, ultra thin or super chunky heels, buckles or zippers, even tapered heels, it doesn’t matter, as long as the shoe is super high with a platform. It is more of a super high version of what people wear that matters and not what the shape of the shoe is. This trend is in the opposite end of the shoe spectrum than the trends of years past.

More Platform Shoes

Looking at the fall ’09 fashion shows, it is easy to see that the hottest shoe trend is ultra high heels with platforms. Designers; such as Donna Karan, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs to name a few, have all put their models in a variety of styles of ultra high heels with platforms. Just to cement the idea that platform shoes is a hot trend, other designers that have put models in this style of high heel are Dsquared², Doo.Ri, and Christian Dior. With so many well known designers using them on the runway, there’s no question that this will be one of the hottest trend in fall ’09.

So when looking for the hottest trend in shoes, the ultra high platform heel is the way to go. They can be so versatile and classy. No matter what style you have, you always can find one that you will love. They look fabulous in every shape and color. They can make a statement or just look great with whatever you’re wearing. These shoes are hot for fall and seem like they won’t go out of style soon because they are a classic look with a more modern twist. Because the classics always come back, these platformed high heels are a great investment for women who don’t buy shoes that often.

If you want to see more of my work, see my style blog MaggieMu’s Love of Fashion.

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Return of the Military Jacket by Erika Powell   1 comment

Jacket once worn by Michael JacksonThe Beatles wore it in the 60’s, pop icon Michael Jackson made it his signature in the 80’s and now it can be seen worn by such celebrities as Mischa Barton, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

The Military Jacket has been M.I.A. for over a decade, but is now staged for a grand comeback. There is something about these jackets, with their padded shoulders and shiny buttons that look attractive with almost any style, be it a dress, jeans and a tee, or even leather leggings. The jacket has been seen on the runways of many top designers, including Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen, and Temperly London. But the most recognizable jacket comes from French designer Balmain.

The Balmain jacket is made of black canvas, and embellished with crystals, making it worth over 10K. But let’s face it, most of us don’t have that kind of money to dish out for every hot jacket that comes along. So, for those of us who’s last name is not Knowles or Spears, there is still hope. Balmain has created another military masterpiece, this time of black leather. The price? Only three thousand, nine hundred on Net-A Poter.Com. And if that price is still leaving you sweating and panicky, have no fear, for Urban Outfitters also carries a selection of military jackets, all for around one hundred dollars.Balmain Military Jacket

It’s no secret that fashion trends often repeat themselves, and the trend of military clothing is no exception. But is this constant state of fashion rebirth the only reason for the popular jacket’s return? Probably not.

Since the death of Michael Jackson on June 25th 2009, there has been an international craze concerning things that were once associated with the great King of Pop. Had MJ died a few months ago, this would sufficiently explain why the jacket could make sudden appearances on the runways and streets again this fall. However, the trend was spotted before the singer’s death, during which time he was hard at work practicing for a set of comeback tours due to start in early July. Thus, excitement at the prospect of the King’s return could also have spurred the trend.

Whatever the reason for the return of the military jacket, it is doubtlessly a trend that is here to stay.